What we offer

  • Wedding ceremony facilities in the chateau or chateau grounds - one hour before the ceremony and one hour after the ceremony, the entire grounds will be closed to chateau visitors
  • The carriage house and the entire courtyard for your reception and entertainment (tables, chairs and all dishes for 100 people) - all available from 12pm the day before the wedding and until 12pm the following day.
  • Mrs. Schreiner's bedroom for the bride's preparation on the wedding day. Available from early morning.
  • We can arrange a toast - for the newlyweds, witnesses and wedding registrar.
  • Taking pictures anywhere in the castle interior and exterior by your own photographer.
  • Guided tours of the castle for wedding guests, e.g., during the newlyweds' photo shoot.
  • Bar service.

Total price of the offer. 20 000, - Kč

What we provide:

  • All drinks in the bar

What we can provide

  • A constant supply of clean dishes during the reception.
  • Spacious kitchen for food preparation, as early as the day before.
  • Facilities for storage of materials and food, the day before.

The total price will be invoiced the day after the wedding. Deposit for these services by prior arrangement.

What we do not provide

  • Decoration of the premises. You have the option to do the decoration according to your own wishes on your own or contact companies in the area. The premises are available 24 hours before the ceremony. Local businesses:
  • Food for wedding reception and entertainment. You have the option to bring your own food or arrange this with catering services in the area:
  • Live music or technology for wedding ceremony or post-wedding entertainment. (All wedding guests agree to abide by the established rules of public regulation on peace and quite at night)
  • Accommodation for wedding guests. You can use the accommodation capacities of guesthouses directly in Nemilkov or its surroundings. For example:
  • Wedding 0
  • Wedding 1
  • Wedding 2
  • Wedding 3
  • Wedding 4
  • Wedding 5
  • Wedding 6
  • Wedding 7