Guided Tours of the Chateau

During the guided tour you will have the opportunity to look "under the hood" at the restoration and revitalization of the chateau. As each wing is from a different era, during the tour you will walk through the centuries, all the way from Gothic to Classicism period. Some rooms have already been restored, some are undergoing work, but some are still waiting for restoration.

You will visit the public and private rooms of the last owners who had to leave the chateau after World War II. Everything is arranged as if the Schreiner family had left the chateau only a few moments ago. And what's more?

On the tour you can also try to recognize which elements are truly historical and which are merely the work of Georg Schreiner. The last Nemilkov Schreiner showed his love of history in peculiar adaptations and many forgeries. We call them "historical fakes". The most interesting in this respect is Mr. Schreiner's Gothic chapel, which confuses not only the general public, but also experts.

Will you be able to uncover all the historical inaccuracies? We look forward to your visit!


In the farm building, which served as a brewery in the Middle Ages, is an exhibition of agriculture. Entry is free of charge. The building itself is historically very interesting. The foundation and basement dates to the Gothic period. There are sgraffiti on the gable of the outer facade from the Renaissance period. The building was enlarged and rebuilt in the 18th century. The first floor was used for the brewer's and manager's dwellings and the cellar was used for storing beer. At the beginning of the 20th century, the last owners, the Schreiners, closed beer production and converted the building into a granary. Its Baroque wooden structure is still preserved today. In this space you can now visit the exhibition of old farming tools. Visitors can see many different well-known as well as lesser-known machines and tools that were found on the premises or they were brought to us by our neighbors. For example, there are threshing machines, wagons, plows, sledges, grain elevators, butter churns and much more.

Offer for Schools and Groups

  • Guided tours for schools, kindergartens and organized groups (15 or more people) - no mechanically memorized text, but an engaging narrative, which is "tailored" to specific age group.
  • Free exhibition of historical agricultural machinery and tools
  • Possibility to take advantage of the revitalized outdoor areas of the chateau courtyard
  • Possibility to arrange lunch or refreshments in the outdoor area of the reconstructed former carriage house


  • Single entrance fee for schools and teachers 50 CZK / person, lunch approx. 100 CZK, other refreshments by agreement
  • Single entrance fee for organized groups (15 or more people) 100 CZK / person, other services by agreement
  • Historic Kitchen
    Historic Kitchen
  • Dancing Hall
    Dancing Hall
  • Uncovered Rose
    Uncovered Rose
  • Hallway
  • The Lady
    The Lady
  • The Gentleman
    The Gentleman
  • Sweat Shop
    Budoucí cukrárna