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20 Aug 2023   David   3 min read

Amateur Runner Takes on "Beyond Borders" Challenge to Raise Funds for Doctors Without Borders

[Squamish, BC], [14.8.2023] – David Kaplan, a dedicated amateur runner from the Czech Republic, is embarking on an extraordinary journey to push his limits and make a difference. He has set his sights on an ambitious goal – running 9 marathons in 9 days, covering a total distance of 382 kilometers on Vancouver Island, from Nanaimo to Tofino. The remarkable journey, aptly named "Beyond Borders," will take place from August 16th to 24th, as David dedicates these days to running, reflecting, and supporting a noble cause.

David Kaplan is no stranger to pushing boundaries, having completed multiple ultramarathons. However, this time he's venturing into new territory, aiming to complete his back-to-back marathons and extend his running for multiple days. What makes this feat even more inspiring is his motivation to raise funds for Doctors Without Borders, an organization that has been providing essential medical and humanitarian aid to vulnerable populations for over 50 years.

Doctors Without Borders operates impartially, independently, and neutrally, ensuring that their aid reaches those who need it the most. With a focus on aiding the most vulnerable communities, Doctors Without Borders offers critical assistance. For instance, a donation of €12 can provide nutrition for a child for a month, €20 can supply drinking water for 20 families for a month, and €42 can offer treatment and medicine for 700 displaced people per week.

To support this impactful endeavor, anyone can adopt one of the kilometers that David will be running for just €10. Each step he takes during the "Beyond Borders" challenge will translate into real help for those in need. The goal is to raise a total of €3820, with each kilometer representing €10. The fundraising campaign is being hosted on the Czech platform Darujme CZ at

During the journey, David will be sharing his experiences and progress on social media platforms. You can follow his live journey on his Instagram or Facebook, where he will document each episode of the "Beyond Borders" challenge. By sharing his journey, David aims to inspire and engage with a wider audience, spreading awareness about the cause and encouraging more support.

All of David's efforts are being supported by his wife Marcela and close friends, who are contributing to his journey both emotionally and logistically.

David Kaplan shares his expectations: "I am looking forward to doing first steps on the coast of Nanaimo, just focused on running, my body and my mind. To taking the one step at a time. I am looking forward this simple life where the most important thing is the next step.”

For more information about David's journey and the fundraising campaign, please contact David Kaplan at +16049084686 or email him at Starting Wednesday, please reach out to Marcela Kaplanova, David's wife, at +16049084687 or

Visual assets, including photos and videos, are available on social media or upon request.

Join us in spreading the word about the "Beyond Borders" challenge and the cause it supports. Let's make every step count!

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